Accounts Assistant

Main tasks and responsibilies

  1. Ensure that correct materials and workmanship are used as per the client’s standards,specification and schedules.
  2. Familiarires with all the relevant drawings and written instructions, checksand uses them as ayardstick for inspection of work .
  3. Makes regular inspection visits to project sites to monitor progress of on-going works.
  4. Takes measurements and samples on site to make sure that the work and the materials meet the specifications and quality standards.
  5. Is familiar with legal requirements and ensures that the works complies with the law.
  6. Has a working knowledge of health and safety legislation and points out any observed shortfall.
  7. Keeps detailed records on progress and any delays, the number and type of workers employed, visitors to the site, drawings received deliveries, instructions and any serious deficiencies in health or safety requirements observed on site.
  8. Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the Fund Account Manager